La Linda is the name of a fishing boat that goes out every morning into the Caribbean Sea in search of fish. Our restaurant pays tribute to the fishermen and their artisanal work that provides such delicacies for our tables.


After fishing all night in Caribbean waters, fishermen arrive each morning to hamlets along the Caribbean coast to sell what the sea abundantly provided. “Fresh fish,” they shout to us as we stand on the shore. These tanned men work in Dibulla, Rio Ancho, and near Riohacha. Their boats are adorned with nets, bait, and a multitude of fish such as snapper, sierra, corvina, lobster, tiger shrimp, and other marine delights.


Additionally, the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta provide us with yuca, ñame, avocado, coffee, corn, papaya, and aromatic herbs. Grown on the slopes of the mountains and in the shadow of the forest, these organic products are sold on the outskirts of town.


And that’s where we buy them at sustainable prices.


The mountains and the sea are the ideal pantry for our restaurant in Palomino. Our kitchen is bathed in sea breezes and we fill it with ceviche and fried or grilled fish. You don’t want to travel thousands of kilometers to eat an imported product such as salmon or oysters; you prefer local dishes that are fresh from the Caribbean. That is why our kitchen pays tribute to local fishermen and farmers.


We want you to have a place to call your own along the stretches of virgin beach and forest around Palomino where you can delight in the local flavors. The sustainable, artisan products we use protect and care for the environment.

Seafood BBQ

Our slogan: Fresh fish
Artisan and responsible fishing
Our suppliers are local fishermen
Ceviche and seafood cocktail
Flavors from our grill


Our kitchen highlights the diversity of flavors, colors, and textures of the Caribbean Sea. In addition to using the best local techniques to create dishes such as ceviche and tiradito, we grill our fish and shellfish and use organic products that come from the Sierra such as ñame, fruit, cocoa, and coffee.


Everyone is welcome – both foreigners and locals – to enjoy the beat of the drums.


Pez & Love (Fish & Love) is our slogan. Our laid-back restaurant is an ideal spot to taste the flavors of the Caribbean Sea, enjoy a refreshing drink or a craft beer, and listen to the impelling rhythms of the best local music.